Astro A40 TR Headset And MixAmp Pro TR Review

The Astro A40 TR series of the headset has been a very big player in the gaming headset market. It is primarily for its exceptional audio quality and its affordable launch price. The headset was first launched around 10 years ago. The newest version adds some complete higher-end audio package in a box. The device is not overpriced considering all the tuning improvement coupled with a fully digital amplifier. However, you can get more features for less money with other brands for both console or a PC like Turtle Beach Recon 50X. The  Astro A40 TR headset is a great deal for an audiophile. It is available in all the gaming platforms and is named as Astro a40 Xbox one for Xbox one users, Astro a40 ps4 for Ps4 users and Astro a40 pc for pc users.It will definitely be good for you despite your preferences, it just serves an all round purpose. So let’s take an in-depth look at Astro A40 TR Review And MixAmp Pro TR Review and how it compares to its other brothers like Astro a10.

The Astro manufacturers don’t want you to go for a second headset, they want you to use this headphone when you’re sitting at a desk, gaming on a couch or if you’re in the street listening to some music. What we mean is, The A40 comes with every cable imaginable. You can connect it to an Xbox 360, PS3, PC, or MP3 player, PS4 and Xbox 1. The compatibility options are pretty neat.

The headset consists of a white or black plastic exterior and cloth ear cup. This kind of seems like a cheap product but because of its flexible design and firm, soft grip, it makes it feel premium.

The Astro A40 TR Headset also has a very flexible and detachable omnidirectional microphone which can be mounted on both sides. As it contains swappable magnetic plates called ‘stereo tags’. These assist you to customize the headset’s looks. In other areas, though, the headset has a pretty plain look. There is a  single switch along the wire which acts as a microphone mute, and you can manually adjust the headband for the comfortable listening experience. The mixer/amplifier is a great inclusion which makes the product stand out. The headphone is available in versions starting with a $199 for a wired PC model.  The price goes up to $279 for a wireless edition that is compatible with gaming consoles. The A40 is arguably one of the best gaming headsets available, with immersive surround sound, a great microphone, and a comfortable design.  But, If you want to go wireless, the new A50 might be a better deal than the  $279 version. The A50  combines the A40 with Astro Mixamp Pro TR base and a belt-based receiver. The A50 includes the Mixamp Pro TR and includes the belt back into the headset, and is priced just $20 more.

Astro A40 TR Review And MixAmp Pro TR Review


  • Comfortable Fit
  • Stellar sound
  • Clear Audio
  • Good Quality


  • Short Wire
  • Require 2 Mixamps For PS4 & Xbox

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astro a40 design

The Astro A50 TR has a futuristic design for the newer generation of consoles. Still, the A40 is backward compatible with the old gen consoles. It is more affordable and is packaged with an audio controller for controlling volume and muting on the fly. Just like the A50 headset, the A40 also gives you a mod kit consisting much thicker earcup cushions and a noise isolating microphones. These microphones are very good for loud environments.

Because of the cable size, the A40 is slightly heavier than the A50. However, the design of the A40  has a close resemblance to the  A50’s design. It also has a large proportion of its lightweight advantages, so there shouldn’t be many problems with the fittings.

Button placements are very good, almost all buttons are accessible with the exception of the volume controls which could be a little easier to use but it’s still usable. It depends on the preference, if your liking is a kind of in-line control or anon-the-table audio controller, you might prefer the design of this headset more than the A50 counterpart.

Astro A40 TR Review Based On Design

Lightweight, drastic and flexible

The audio Controlling mechanism is a different ball game as compared to from Turtle Beach Elite version. The mechanism focuses on a primary volume dial, a balance dial for game chat, and a few extra buttons for quick muting and mode-switching. This control scheme is also very good for streaming. It can also be an asset in highly competitive play.

The flip-up mix has gone through zero change when we compare the A40 and A50.  It still is one of the best mics we’ve seen. It is a rubberized semi-flexible model that does the allocated job pretty nicely. But,  it’s better to make the switch if you happen to find a model that includes that alternate mic with better noise cancelling abilities. The outward design of the mic remains the same the communication capabilities that you’ll receive is drastically improved.


astro a40 sound

Astro A40 TR Headset gives a completely excellent wireless sound and it lags much less than the A50.

The disadvantage is obviously the fact that the A40 has no wireless capabilities. A new setup is needed where dealing with cables isn’t much of a problem. But if you are able to live with that, then you receive a top quality sound that’s crystal clear at most ranges. The Sound has a pleasant sounding bass, and this will make it easy to pinpoint audio cues. The audio may not be as precise as the sound in the A50, yet this headset still does a commendable job at providing quality audio. The microphone may need a little volume adjustments to ensure proper voice transmission, but other than that, there are not many problems here.

Astro A40 TR Review Based On Sound

Plesant, Clear and Adjustable

In addition to this, there are still two additional features that we need to talk about.

1. With the help of the audio controller, chat and game audio can be customized very easily for 2-channel Dolby Surround streaming. This feature makes the headset an affordable pick for you amateur streamers out there.

2. The ‘daisy chain’ tethering cable for a digital audio connection is present for communication and listening. The use of this cable helps to cut down the lag


Xbox: Astro a40 tr Xbox one or Astro a40 Xbox one

PC: Astro a40 tr PC or Astro a40 PC

PS4: Astro a40 tr PS4 or Astro a40 PS4

Astro a40 black

Astro a40 red

Astro a40 pink

Astro a40 yellow

Astro a40 white

Astro a40 orange


Mixamp pro-TR is a USB-powered hub for all your audio options. It is bundled with eight ports along the front and back for console and pc connection and is compatible with MP3 players. There is a Stream port to multiplex all the inputs into one line for streaming games easily.

astro a40 mixamp

The Mixamp inserts an additional number of options to the headset. There are also some particular options if you use it on PC.  The Mixamp pro TR comes with four presets of Equalization profiles that can be fully customized via an app and be saved back to the device. The Astro preset has a default bass sound that seems like a subwoofer quality of bass filled sound.

Astro’s Mixamp also has support for Dolby Headphone and ProLogic IIx surround sound technologies. ProLogic IIx takes in any signal from the stereo 7.1 on PCs, and 5.1 from the consoles.  It mixes it up to a full 7.1 signal. This 7.1 signal is now passed to the Dolby Headphone processor and the playback can be seen on the headphones.  These settings can be activated with a single button on the top of the amp.

The outcome is a speaker room simulation which sounds pretty great and fun. You do lose a little bit of the finer detail. Yet, the immersion is quite impressive.  Different from the Equalization, the settings for either of these Dolby technologies cannot be customized. The settings are binary, they’re either on or off. This actually is a small yet a big letdown. Cheaper headsets (take G433 and Razer Kraken 7.1 V2) have this feature that allows you to customize surround sound settings.

The sound of the Astro A40 TR Headset is not really fine drawn. It opts for bigness and fun with precision and accuracy. It may not please the most elite ears for audio. Still, this headset is the right choice for most common ears.


Astro A40 TR Headset is packed with top of the line, superior specs. The specs are so top class, they overwhelm the competition and even the counterparts on the market. The specs start with the frequency response. The headphone has a frequency response of 20 to 24,000 hertz (Hz). It consists a total harmonic distortion (THD) of sound at less than 0.1 percent which is a big deal. The length of the microphone is six millimeters and it is equipped with a noise gate. Also, the headset has a nominal impedance of 48 ohms.

As far as the pressure of the headband is concerned, it is  2.6 N with an over-ear coupling feature. Excluding the cable, the headset has a weight of 360 games.  The compatibility options are huge given its 3.5 millimeters four-pole jack which works with almost anything.

In addition to this, you have the MixAmp Pro TR specs. It has a rear input of 3.5 millimeters stream output, Toslink, and USB micro-B for both powering the device and the audio. The first inputs are dual digital daisy chain ports, headset connector, and 3.5 millimeters aux in with a frequency response of 10 to 24,000 Hz.

Astro A40 TR Review Based On Specifications

Packaged Quantity: 1
Colour: Astro a40 white
Manufacturer: Astro Gaming
Headphones Form Factor: Circumaural
Headphones Technology: Dynamic
Sound Output Mode: Stereo
Frequency Response: 15 Hz
Sensitivity: 104 dB
Impedance: 50 Ohm
In-Cord Volume Control: Yes
Audio Controls: Volume
Controls: Volume
Type: Headphones, Microphone
Qty: 1
Connector Type: Mini-phone 3.5 mm, Mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm
Included Accessories: 6.3 mm (1/4″) stereo adapter
Brand: Astro
Product Line: Astro
Model: A40
Packaged Quantity: 1
Cables Included: Headset cable
Manufacturer: Astro Gaming


Audio Quality’s Professionalism: This headset is manufactured for the high audio standards of both game developers and pro gamers. The sound delivery is detailed. Control mechanisms are there for balanced volume and frequency levels.  The inclusion of surround sound for even more details is a great thing at this price point.

USB  Compatible: The output for Dolby Headphone makes it possible to give you all the PC compatible extensions for voice communication and immersive game audio.

Mod Kit:  The headset can be transformed into a closed-back headset to remove unnecessary background noise.

Customization: The headset boasts an amazing magnetic speaker tag system that permits a bundle of customization options. Accessing the ASTRO Command Center can assist you to tailor every output and input of the gadget. A custom equalizer setting can also be maintained.

Design Scheme: The material used has a premium feel to itThe headset is manufactured with care using lightweight and durable materials. It also has a customized fit that makes it comfortable to wear.

Astro A40 TR Review Based On Features

Compatible, Professional and Prmium.


The product has generally received positive reviews from its buyers. As we’ve come to know,  it gives a  high-quality audio and microphone performance for any device that it’s plugged in. Plus, the MixAmp Pro TR has made the headset’s sound output more favourable.  It is a very useful add-on. The headset is also very comforting to wear.

The control system of the headset has made it highly easy to use. The customization options are huge.  According to both newbies and pro gamers who have used the headset, the product performs very well in surround sound. It can even be connected to any device making it more dependable. The shipping of the product is very neat and the package will arrive in the best possible condition

Astro A40 TR Review Based On Feedback

Positive Feedback with high performance value.

Many buyers have favorable comments to make and the headset is considered best among the products in the ASTRO line up. It has been redefining the headset market gamers and developers. It is very difficult to surpass the customer satisfaction level the headset has reached.

Buy it or pass?

The design of the headset is done with professional gamers in mind but it equally complies with beginners. Gaming Console owners can consider this headset as a must have. It also is a great choice if other headphones have failed to meet your expectations. If you don’t want a wireless set, then you can pay less and get a wired version for a great price or pay extra for the wireless and use it as wired because of it’s undeniable compatibility. This is also a great headset for people looking for a simple interface and clean software navigation.

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  1. Is Astro A40 TR Good?

    Yes, It’s quite good for the price you are getting it.

  2. Does Headset And MixAmp Pro TR Work For Both Xbox and Ps4?

    Yes, headset work with both Xbox and Ps4 but you have to buy 2 separate Mixamps.

  3. What is the Warranty on this item?

    Astro A40 TR comes with 1-year Warranty.

  4. Does it Work On PC Device?

    Yes, it sure works On PC Devices without any error.

  5. Is Astro A40 TR Wireless?

    No, this headset isn’t wireless.

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What we can say from the Astro A40 TR Review And MixAmp Pro TR Review is that ASTRO A40 takes the high standards of professional gamers and developers and swing the bat so hard that all the expectations are knocked out of the park.  ASTRO has changed the headset market with a bang, this headset is worth every penny.

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