17 Best Gaming Headset [June 2018] – For Ps4, PC, Xbox and Nintendo Switch

Gaming Headset selection can really be frustrating as the choice is virtually limitless. It’s really a pain in the head when you try to choose the best gaming headset from thousands of headsets out there that fits your interest, price, comfort and design. Fortunately, we have narrowed it down to some of the best gaming headsets out there in the market in this review. Do we get a question such as what is best gaming ps4 headset or what is best gaming headset Xbox one or what is best gaming headset with mic? So, today we will be giving you a detailed look at some of the best gaming headset of 2018 in each category so that you can find enjoy your game soundly.

Gaming Headsets are the headphones specifically meant for gaming. Esports have taken off and gaming industry is on a really good incline with tons of games releasing every year. These games have sound quality that needs a certain hardware to catch on to. Therefore, Gaming headsets are a big deal in the gaming industry. Many companies are manufacturing these headsets at many price points.

The big companies in the market or shall I say The Best Gaming Headset Brands are HyperX, Razer, Turtle Beach, and Steel series. This is just a small list though. The amount of companies chipping on this market is pretty huge. The gaming headsets market is also very confusing to get around. There are literally hundreds of products to choose so one might be confused from choosing the best gaming headset on the market. Each with different price tags meant for different types of system and targeted towards the specific genre of games.  A console gamer is a lounger so they might need a wireless headset with good range. Similarly, A competitive PC gamer commonly stays at a desk. So, he might need a wired headset but with greater sound signature.

We’ve narrowed the list down to 15. Below is a list of these 15 Best Gaming Headset that you might want to consider. But before that let us see why gaming headsets are important.

What makes a Gaming Headset Worthy?

Audio quality and Microphone

Normally, Audio quality is needed. We all know that but in addition to it, a microphone also plays a vital role. A microphone is absolutely necessary for multiplayer games. The top-selling games of today are PUBG and Fortnite. Both of these games can be played with teammates and it requires you to have voice chat between the team members. Hence, it becomes an important factor. So, if audio is yours go to factor while choosing a Headset you might want to look at best gaming headset mic. Your team members need to be able to understand you with a low-quality mic. Quality is one thing; it also needs to have a good design. Gamers prefer a foldable microphone as it can be easily disposed of when not needed. Another factor is background noise cancellation. Many gamers search for best gaming headset with noise cancelling microphone as it’s so much important for them to have a good noise cancelling so that they can focus on the game. A microphone needs to filter the environment noise so good quality voice could be transmitted. Microphone and audio quality have both come far enough in gaming headsets. Even at cheap prices, you can get an incredible quality unlike other types of headsets.  Audio quality also makes a device one of the best gaming headsets in the market.

Virtual Surround Sound

Hardware and software virtual surround sounds are equipped with most of the gaming headsets. Game Companies want their gamers to experience immersion. Games are often loaded with surround sound compatible audio. Gaming in a surround sound environment can be very crucial to some and gaming headset provides you with that luxury. So you might want to consider a good headphone with quality Surround Sound.

Design and Compatibility

Gaming headsets have really bold design. The color schemes are very futuristic. The use of comfortable material and tough build quality means absolute reliability. Most of these headsets are compatible with almost all the systems. Even those who aren’t totally compatible do have some extensions that can be purchased separately to make them compatible.

Best Gaming Headset Brands

Although best gaming headset brands have nothing to do with quality as simply just because if a headset is from a top brand it will automatically be good but still you might want to check these brands products as they are in business from a long time which means they are producing great results from a long period of time. Best Gaming Headset Brands are HyperX, Razer, Turtle Beach, Steel series, and many more.

15 Best Gaming Headset

1. SteelSeries Arctis 7

steelseries arctis 7 design

The SteelSeries Arctis 7 is one of the Best Wireless Gaming Headset in the market. The reason is that it is just so good. The comfort factor is off the charts. It is very comfortable to wear.  The headset has a very wide operational range. The battery life of the headset is large. You don’t need to be close to the charger all the time. It uses a USB transmitter for the wireless signal.  The microphone is extremely good. Despite being retractable, the microphone is not an issue. it performs very well and the vocals come across clearly.  Audio quality is pretty nice. Whether it be games, music, movies or just any kind of content the Steel Series Artics 7 delivers.  The headset has the DTS Headphone:X technology while gaming on a PC. This provides immersion with its virtual surround sound. There are some disadvantages too. It has Xbox and Nintendo switch support but only in wired mode. The volume dials are a bit of a problem. And finally, the headset’s earpads might be a bit small for large heads. With that said, we do recommend this headset to a PS4 or a PC gamer who has around two hundred dollars to spend.

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2. HyperX Cloud Revolver S 

HyperX Cloud Revolver S

The HyperX Cloud Revolver S is a wireless headset with a 3.55 mm jack and USB connection.  The headset costs just under two hundred dollars and the value for money is insane. You aren’t going to find a better gaming headset at this price point. The Cloud Revolver S feels like the combination of everything that HyperX has released. It is too good, to say the least.  The headset might as well be the best gaming headset ever, it’s that good. The headset is almost untouchable. Only one headset that comes close is the SteelSeries Arctis.

Despite the headset being incredible, it does have one downside. And that is the microphone. The microphone feels fiddly. It doesn’t have good positioning so, it’s hard to get it in front of your mouth. But that’s the only disadvantage. The advantages are incomparable. The headset comes with an incredible sound. The comfort it gives on your head is a thing of satisfaction. The design choice deserves a huge round of applause. It comes equipped with the 7.1 surround sound.  As a whole, the sound signature is excellent. Gaming performance is top notch. It also has an equalization setting packed in. Overall, we recommend this headset to almost anyone who’s willing to spend the required money.

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3. Logitech G Pro Gaming Headset

Logitech G Pro Gaming Headset

The Logitech G Pro is a comfortable, sensible, portable headset that gets the job done.  Even esports scene can use this headset for competitive gaming.  It comes at a reasonable price point and omits any non-sensical features. The headset is very much compatible with esports titles like Starcraft, FIFA and Overwatch. As like everything, the head isn’t perfect. It has many flaws too. The problem lies in the  Single Player games. They sound a bit off and finding a perfect balance is a bit difficult. Multiplayer gaming, on the other hand, is the real selling point. This lone quality makes the headset one of the best gaming headsets that we’ve tested so far. The comfort factor is a plus point too.  It’s very easy to find a good fit with the headset.  The flexible steel band can be extended to fit around the ears. It is really a simpler and more comfortable system than some of the rigid notch used by some other headset. The Logitech G pro is very wearable. It can be worn for hours. Also, People with glasses don’t need to worry as the headset totally supports glasses. Design wise, the headset is pretty good. It has an unusual look that is quite divisive. The design, however, is justified by great comfort levels in the long term. Audio and Mic quality is good overall but the equalization is a bit on the downside.

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4. SteelSeries Arctis Pro

SteelSeries Arctis Pro

The SteelSeries Arctis line is a representative of one of the best gaming headset. The Artics Pro really lives up to the SteelSeries name. The design might be the biggest arsenal. This design is probably one of the best designs out there. The Only one word that can describe the design is sophistication. Some bigger competitors of SteelSeries always tend to focus on the most ambitious looks. The SteelSeries, on the other hand, has a minimal look which is easier to digest. The Arctis line also represents some of the most comfortable headsets on the market. Comfort wise, the Arctis Pro Wireless is no exception. It’s so easy to find a perfect fit. The headset has a lightweight and it sits on the head in a tight but comfortable fashion. It also has good ear covering.  As far as sound quality is concerned, Arctis Pro is magical in this department. The sound performance that it has could very well cater to the most serious audiophiles. It doesn’t depend if you want to go digital or analogue, the quality is pretty good. In fact, this headset is so good there’s not much difference between the analogue and the digital connections. Analog audio might be a bit on the downside, but it still sounds up to the par. This tells you a lot about the device’s sound quality. The Company claims that the headset has a battery life of 10 hours which checks out with our testing.

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5. Razer Kraken Pro V2

razer kraken pro

The Kraven Pro V2 is a great headset from Razer. It is probably one of the best gaming headsets in the market right now. The headset has been built to provide gamers with good sound, good comfort and at a reasonable price point. And their plan kind of worked out, Razer came pretty close to delivering their claims. Design wise the headset is pretty good. The build quality is excellent. It has an aluminium frame which is both lightweight and flexible. The mic is retractable and it feels robust. The headband doesn’t press too much force on your head. So, the comfort is there. In addition, to which the sound-isolating ear cushions present in the headset add an extra sense of comfort. The disadvantage, however, starts at the earcups which are round. The problem is that people with big ears are likely to have comfort issues.  As far as the sound is concerned, the overall impression of the audio is pretty good. The audio is definitely punching for the price. The Kraken has a 50mm drivers. The design of ear cup compliments this technology well at creating and delivering the lows. The mids and highs carry a certain level of clarity but start to muddy throughout the higher volumes.  The microphone is very good too. The headset has software support in the form of it’s Razer’s Synapse suite. You can tweak everything here. One downside is that it doesn’t have the RGB lighting which is Razer’s signature. But other than that, you get a solid headset. The headset has a great build quality and really fantastic sound. The headset is also very minimal with no non-sense gimmick which makes it very recommendable.

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6. Astro A20

Astro Gaming A20

The Astro Gaming A20 headset aims to bring the company’s signature sound to a wider audience. (Astro Gaming)

The Astro A20 as like its name is a wireless headset which is just below Astro’s higher-end product the A50, and it’s a bit more stylish than the A10.  The Astro A20 is very comfortable. It is because of a soft set of fabric ear cups. In addition to this, it consists of an airy, 11.3-ounce frame that resembles Astro’s higher-end headsets. The A20 looks like a mixture of all of Astro’s previous headsets. It blends the large, industrial-looking headband of the premium A50 with the plastic like build and smaller ear cups of the low-end A10. The headset has a greyish design. The design is highlighted by streaks of blue or green depending on your console. It also comes equipped with the same flip-to-mute mic as the A10 The A20’s microphone isn’t completely inaudible and will still get the job done for casual multiplayer sessions. However, competitive gamers and serious streamers will not be satisfied with it. The A20 delivers Astro’s usual 3 sound presets: Astro, Pro and Studio. The presets can be chosen with a flip of a button.  The neutral Astro mode works very well for anything. The pro mode is bass heavy adds a nice flair to explosions. And the  Studio mode boosts the treble which allows you to hear distant background noises with much clarity. The Astro A20 claims a 15 hours of battery life and it sort of delivers it. The headset’s wireless functionality is also very good with really nice range. The Astro A20 is a very solid mid-level headset between Astro’s high-end and entry-level headsets. This makes the Astro A20 one of the best gaming headsets and we recommend it.

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7. HyperX Cloud Flight

HyperX Cloud Flight

If you’re in the market for a wireless gaming headset with really long battery life, then you really need to give Kingston’s HyperX Cloud Flight a chance. The Cloud Flight claims to have a long 30-hour battery life. This is a rather big deal as most headset dies at around 10-15 hours of usage. This headset is one of the best gaming headsets on the market. During the tests we performed, it was observed that this headset has more stamina than any other headset we’ve ever tested. In addition to this, the headset has an excellent noise cancelling mic. The Kingston HyperX Cloud Flight could really become an ideal selection for gamers wanting to regularly enjoy prolonged gaming sessions. The only small downside is the headset’s lack of virtual surround sound. This might not be an issue for some but some modern games really demand virtual surround. With the Cloud Flight, you’re only getting a basic 2.0 channel audio. For casual gamers, this is an issue. But if you regularly play fps games then you might not be that much of a nitpick for this.

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8. Razer ManO’War

Razer ManO'War

Razer Man O’War’s strength lies in its price range. It has a very decent mic. It has one of the strongest wireless signals in its price range. The audio is very rich-sounding default audio. The ManO’War also has a 7.1 surround sound option, In addition to this, you get a custom EQ options and a retractable mic. That mic doesn’t sound as good as some other headset but is still solid, mic positioning is also very strategic. This makes this one of the best gaming headset available on the market The headset is very comfortable to wear.  It is because of its huge leatherette ear cups. The weight of the headset is very much and the use of huge ear cups makes you sweat pretty often and the cups become hot. The round shape of the cans doesn’t help either. So, the comfort here is 50/50.
It comes with the Razer Synapse software like any other Razer product. The software feels intuitive with familiar presets. The software is easy to use; it makes clear all the methods with which you can achieve the sound you want. You also have the ability to individually control the type of sound and volume in each program which is a nice touch.
The price point is biggest selling point here, it’s launch price is around a hundred and 10 dollars. It comes with good build quality too, the design is really chunky, it does have some flex to it. Razer also cut the price on the RGB lighting but included a 3.5mm jack connectivity which is a plus point. But for the price it is available, the Razer ManO’War is a headset that you cannot pass up on. It is one of the best gaming headset available out there.

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9. HyperX Cloud Stinger

hyperx cloud stinger

The price tag is a big factor in product sales. People don’t really want to spend a huge amount of money on a headset. HyperX has fortunately introduced its Stinger which tackles this very problem. The headset is reasonably priced and comes with loads of features.  The HyperX Cloud Stinger ‘s build quality is a bit of a letdown. It is a little plasticky, but it is strong and doesn’t have much weight. It is also very comfortable to wear. Partially, due to the Stinger’s faux-leather and memory foam ear cups. The audio performance is gamer friendly. It has a rich sound that isn’t cut back and it is also not compromised. Gunfire has a good weight to it. It also comes along with a top-end that never seems to fall apart. The microphone works surprisingly well, too. The microphone even mutes itself when retracted. For the price point, it’s available at, the HyperX Stinger is a very recommended headset. It is definitely one of the best gaming headsets on the market right now.

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10. Corsair HS50

Corsair HS50

The Corsair HS50 is a real impressive headset for under sixty dollars. It has a real beefy 50mm driver and a nice wide stereo spread. It also comes equipped with a sophisticated and subdued visual. The design is what you’d expect from Corsair. The headset is also a very strong option for the best overall pick. But there are some things which are really not up to par. The comfort level is one of that. The sound quality is pretty good but the headset is restricted to a 3.5mm analogue connection. This can result in sketchy feedback noise. It’s not much noticeable while playing. However, content creators who record their gaming footages might be severely affected. Keep this in mind before making the purchase. The Virtual Surround sound, RBG lighting and clichéd gamer styling are also omitted because of the price tag. The headset is solely selling it for the core features. This style of manufacturing is justified. The HS50 has an incredible price to performance ratio. It sounds pretty immersive. The comfort is okay, it’s by no means hard to wear. It omits all the gimmicks and sticks to the core. A digital connection would have been nice but for the price point, it’s still very recommended. It is probably one of the best gaming headset ever made.

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11. Corsair Void RGB Wireless

Corsair Void Pro RGB

The Void RGB Wireless headset by corsair has a fantastic value for money. The headset despite being cheaper has wireless connectivity. It kind of does make some compromises but it is expected at this price point. The headset is one of the cheaper variants out there. And despite all the compromises, the headset performs very well in the areas that matter. The wireless signal is pretty strong. It has a range of with 12 metres. The battery backup is also very strong. It offers up to 16 hours of battery life. But the best bit of the headset is the audio quality. It is one of the best gaming headset in the market. The quality is very surprising. The comfort, however, is a bit on the downside, the headset is by no means comfortable. It does have some good padding but it can get a little loose around the head.

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12. Turtle Beach Elite Pro

turtle beach elite pro

The Turtle Beach Elite Pro is Turtle Beach’s mid-range gaming headset. The headset combines large 50mm drivers, a sturdy yet adjustable frame, and compatibility with pretty much any device. It also has a really decent balance between features, design and sound quality. The result is impressive. The Elite Pro is a fairly chunky headset as far as build quality goes. It has a black design accented by hints of orange. The two-tone design works well and looks good without being overkill. The weight of the headset is balanced. The audio quality is the strong suit here. The audio quality is so good that it alone has made this headset one of the best gaming headset out there. The microphone, however, is just decent, it’s not that bad but it isn’t good either. The turtle beach Elite pro comes at an affordable price so it tries to get a very good balance between features, comfort and audio quality. The let down here is its mediocre microphone and use of plastic ear cups. Nonetheless, but the Elite Pro sounds great and is very comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

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 13. Astro A40 TR

astro a40 design

The Astro A40 TR by Astro is arguably one of the best gaming headset in the market right now. This headset is relatively easy to recommend for serious audiophiles who have one priority and that is the sound quality. As far as design goes, it sadly takes a hit. There is not much to talk about the design, its a standard looking headset nonetheless. The Build Quality, however, is top notch.  It is built really strong and some drops here is unlikely to affect it. The construction is very well thought out. With that comes the side pieces on each ear cups. These are removable and can give you a more open feeling sound. For the 7.1 surround sound, you have to buy the Mix Amp Pro and you have to spend some extra on it cash but the default quality is really good even without the 7.1 surround sound. This is the headset to buy if you can’t seem to compromise on the sound quality. But for that, you are indeed giving up some features here and there. But for the price tag that this headset is available on, there’s hardly another deal that can outdo this headset. The only downsides being that the microphone is mediocre and very nasally and the design won’t be satisfying anyone anytime soon. The price despite being justified is a bit on the expensive side as compared to some other headsets in the same category.

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14. ASUS ROG Strix Wireless

asus strix wireless

The ASUS ROG Strix Wireless can be summed up with one word: DESIGN! This design is pretty overkill. As far as the design goes, this headset might be one of the best gaming headset in that department. The design spans with a futuristic vibe. The outside of the ear cups looks like an owl when viewed from the front.  In addition to this, the headset does deliver on the sound department. it has an awesome bass and good responsive kicks.   The headset is also very comforting. It has plush ear cups and double strap headband that is comforting. The battery life though is a letdown with only 10 hours of backup. This is very less than some other headset on the same price range. The headset doesn’t come with RBG LEDs. The audio quality is pretty decent and it can be fully customized with the ASUS Sonic Studio Software. The audio is of decent quality. The surround sound, however, is very impressive. This headset is in the upper echelon of headset market. The only thing that hinders it is the sheer volume of competition that is on the market. A real bummer is the battery life and the mic falls in that decent category too.  That being said, if you’re looking for a headset with a seemingly overkill look and awesome 7.1 surround sound, the ASUR ROG Strix Wireless is the right choice for you. This makes the headset one of the best gaming headset that we’ve tested till now.

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15. Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum

Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum

The Logitech G633 gets its full name from the Greek mythology. Artemis was the goddess of the hunt. She is considered as an unrivalled archer who gave her worshippers the power of hearing and eyesight. The Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum does its best to resemble the huntress. It provides a fantastic sound quality coupled with great design. The headset isn’t cheap but it isn’t overpriced too.  The amount of features makes up for the one hundred and fifty-dollar price tag. The headset has a comfortable design, excellent audio quality, and useful tidbits.  The design is very sleek too. It comes in black color. It has a patterned design; ear cups are rectangular. It also has a large, padded headband. The design looks very futuristic. The ear cups tend to swivel too. This is a very nice small detail which makes a lot of difference. Although they can feel a bit lose. It could very well make the headset a little bit hard to put on initially.  One feature that is particularly intriguing is that the headset offers and supports two totally separate interfaces; a USB cable for computers and a 3.5mm audio cable for everything else. Putting on the headset can be a bit of an unpleasant experience, but once it sits on the top of your head, the headset is actually comfortable. The ear cups can feel a bit plush and supportive, in addition to which, it has an adjustable headband. The headband supports all head sizes. The headset is also backlighted with the RBG colors and comes with the Logitech Gaming Software app which can be used to customized the RBG color schemes. All of these features make this headset of the best gaming headset we’ve ever tested.

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How we test

The headset we’ve reviewed are initially sent to our reviewers who try the headset for about 2-3 days and then they give the input on what they like and dislike. The headsets are tested over a variety of games, movies and music to determine its overall audio quality.

The headsets are tested with following things in mind:

Audio: The main focus of our test is the sound. It is quite obvious that a good headset should have good audio. An upgrade or a purchase should be made because of the sound. The audio is basically 2 types; Gaming Audio and Content Audio. Gaming audio is handled flawlessly by most of the gaming headsets but content audio (i.e., the audio of music, movies etc.) becomes a factor that needs to be tested

Price to Performance: What are you getting for your money? This is the question that everyone should ask before purchasing anything. We test the headsets based on how they perform for what they cost. Price to features is also very important. Is the headset wired or wireless? Does it have 7.1 Surround should? What about software optimization? Are RBG LEDs included? These questions should be asked.

Build Quality: Build Quality determines how long a headset is going to last. A headset with a good build quality feels good and seems premium even if it has a cheap price.

Design and Comfort: A good design attracts a pair of eyes or two. Sounding good is one thing, looking good is also equally important. You want your purchase to get a recognition and a good design will get the attention of your peers.  Comfort is another important thing, Gamers generally game for hours and a gaming headset shouldn’t be too difficult to wear. The ear cups must have good padding and comfortable headbands. It shouldn’t put much pressure on the head and have a balanced weight.

Microphone: For Multiplayer gaming, Microphone is a must. A good microphone makes a huge difference in determining if the headset deserves to be recommended.

What Should I Look For When Buying A Gaming Headset?

There are many things to consider while buying a gaming headset. Some of these are given below:

Compatibility: The headset you buy must be compatible with the system you have. Some headsets might be exclusive to PS4 while some might only support the XBox 360, Also you should see what kind of extensions you’re getting. Some wired headsets come with only 3.5mm jack while other wire headsets have both a jack and a USB Connectivity. Wireless headsets also have special docks which can be bought separately to increase compatibility.

Brand: The headset you buy must be of the proper brand. Turtle Beach, Razer, Corsair, Astro are some of the best gaming headset brands that you can trust. Also, it’s better to use proprietary brands. A PS4 with a Playstation Headset might be more worthy than some other headset brand.

Features: This is the most important things, You should get the features that you’d want. There are many features. The prime feature is Connectivity, Wired and Wireless. Other sub features could be software optimization, surround sound, RGB LEDs, retractable microphone etc. These features add value to your purchase.

Price: This is probably the main thing to consider, You must spend wisely. You should weigh out the pros and cons of different headsets available at the same price point and then make an informed decision.

What makes a Headset Outstanding?

The specification is what makes a headset outstanding. On the surface level, every headset usually sounds the same with only minor differences. A casual listener might not notice much difference. So, the thing that sets a premium headset apart from a cheaper variant is the specifications. Best gaming headset have to of the line specifications. These specifications are explained below;

Size: Size is the physical dimension of the headset. Headset’s physical exteriors are measured in inches whereas the headphone drivers present inside are always measured in millimeters for some unknown reason. Driver sizes can range from 6-12mm (in small earbuds) to 40-100mm (in larger headsets). People tend to think that larger drivers is directly proportional to better sound quality especially more bass and dynamics, but this assumption is totally wrong. The bass might have a cleaner sound and the dynamics may have a small improvement but there is no real evidence supporting the assumption.

Impedance: Impedance is one the most important spec that a headset needs. It is the first thing to look at while making a purchase. Impedance is an electrical resistance. It measures the rate of resistance of an object when an electric current passes through it.  The measurement is made in ohms (Ω). The impedance tells you how much power your headphones will need for it to receive listenable volumes. Impedance up to 32Ω can be played with a simple portable device (eg: smartphone). Impedance from 33-100Ω is a little bit of a tricky range. At this range, you’re able to generate enough volume. But the volume can be improved by adding in a portable headphone amplifier. An amplifier increases both power and sharpens the sound. Anything above 100Ω is almost certainly going to require an amplifier.

Sensitivity: Sensitivity measures the loudness of a pair of headphones when played at a given power level. If a headphone has a higher sensitivity rating than another headphone which has a power level of one milliwatt, then the audio produced by the first headphone will be louder at that volume. This implies that the headset need not be cranked up too much. Since loudness is measured in decibels, anything below 90 decibels is considered low whereas anything above 110 decibels is considered to be on the high hand and to give you an idea, a sensitivity rating of 86dB (decibels) is considered relatively low, while anything above 110dB is on the high end. Some best gaming headset come with balanced sensitivity.

Frequency response: Frequency Response is the range of the sound that a pair of headphones can play. The lows and the highs of the sound that is. It is measured in Hertz. Low ranged sounds, like basslines, might have a frequency of 500Hz. Similarly, crisp snare sounds might hit the 16-17,000Hz mark. Wider range implies that the headset can produce more sounds. A range is represented as 10Hz-23kHz.

Isolation and Noise Cancellation: Headphone isolation is the ability of the cans to block out the sounds coming from the external environment. Headsets having ear cups which can completely cover your ear canals have excellent isolation, outside noise won’t bother you. Noise cancellation, on the other hand, can be defined as the ability of the microphone to cancel out the input to the microphone. Some best gaming headset consist of these features.

THD: Total Harmonic Distortion measures how much the audio changes from when it enters the headphones to when it exits the driver in audible form. That change is also known as distortion. However, it’s not the type of distortion that you get from guitar feedback. In most cases, you want the Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) to be as low as it can be. Less THD implies that the headset is likely to mess with the signal less and the audio would be more accurate. THD level is less in some best gaming headset.

Wired vs Wireless Headsets

Wired vs. wireless headphones debate has been going on for quite some time now and it is time to address this issue. Both types of headsets come with their own advantages and flaws. And the right one for you depends on your lifestyle. There are some things to consider in both the cases. Most best gaming headset are both wired as well as wireless.
Following are the type of lifestyles compatible with the type of headset required. Based on this, you can make an informative decision and get the right one.


The lifestyles suitable for wired headphones include:

  • Desk Workers: Wired headphones are perfect for people who have to work from a desk for a long time. Office workers wanting to listen to music on their desktops or mobile phones can easily connect their wired headphones with either a USB or a 3.5 mm jack and enjoy some music. The easy plug n play feature of wired headphones is very compatible with the Desk Workers.
  • Audiophiles: Audiophiles are the people who are obsessed with the sound. These are the people with good taste in sound like Sound Engineers. If your demand is only the best sound quality then wired headsets are the way to go.  Audiophiles such as DJs and musicians require a high standard for sound quality and wired headsets deliver on this front. Audiophiles don’t have to set the bar high for the sound quality.
  • Individuals who can’t hear properly: Wired headphones have a rich sound quality, this makes these kinds of headsets naturally more of an option for people with a lesser sense of hearing.

The lifestyles suitable for wireless headphones include:

  • Athletes: Athletes need to workout in the gym and/or other places and they can’t have any external wires interfere with their training so in this case, wireless headsets are the way to go. Wireless headsets are also very fashionable to wear and Celebrity Athletes don’t have to worry about their style statement.
  • Travellers: Though both kinds of headsets is equally preferable for travellers, the wireless headset is much easier and reliable when you’re on the go.
  • Gamers:  Wireless Headsets increase the immersion factor. You can play games from any position want and hear a sound that makes a lot of difference. The wireless headset also ensures that gamers don’t sit too close to the TV thus it is healthier.

Stereo vs Surround Sound

Stereo Headsets

Stereo headphones have always been the top standard for most listeners. Most of the headphones on the market consist of the stereo sound. Stereo implies two-channel format. That is one in each ear. In stereo systems, there are two drivers, the sound is played back with a driver in each ear with each driver playing one sound channel each. These headphones only support the 2-channel stereo content. it means that a game consisting of a multi-channel audio needs to get down mixed to a stereo format for the headset to play it. The inclusion of a left and right channel definitely offers a sound that is panned from one ear to the other flawlessly. In reality, only a general resemblance of spatial audio can be remade. Stereo headsets are perfect for any kind of headsets for content consumption. Most of the headsets in our best gaming headset list do use stereo systems.

Surround Sound Headsets

A large number of surround sound headphones have virtual surround meaning they virtually surround your ears and mimic the real world audio. Most of the best gaming headsets include Surround Sound. Virtual surround sound makes use of normal stereo channels. These use algorithms and software to replace the missing spatial cues into the signal. This, in turn, convinces the brain that sound is coming from virtual speakers from different positions. Surround sound headsets are mainly used for gaming as video games require a bit more immersion. Most new Triple A games like COD, Middle Earth; Shadow of War and Assassin’s Creed Origins make use of this technology. A headset with surround sound included is much better than one with a stereo sound. But this also depends on the perception, as most people might like it the opposite way.


Surround sound is one of the important factor while determining the quality of headset for use. Surround sound is a technique for enriching the sound reproduction quality of an audio source with additional audio channels from speakers that surround the listener (surround channels).

So getting BEST SURROUND SOUND GAMING HEADSET might me must for game music lovers.


SteelSeries – Arctis 5 Wired 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset


Having a good quality Microphone is a must is nowadays multiplayer gaming era. You might need to plan a strategy or have a good chat with your friend, either way, you might want to need a microphone for that. S if audio quality is your preferred choice you might want to look at Best Gaming Headset with Mic.


Xbox is a popular platform for gamers as millions of player uses Xbox for their gameplay. So there are some microphones specially designed to get best out of Xbox consoles. So, the BEST XBOX GAMING HEADSET for Xbox one or other Xbox console for money range might be Astro A50.


HyperX Cloud Revolver S is what we liste as the best gaming headset with mic. Which you can also use for recording your voice or talk online with other players.


If you are looking for something good, reliable and that fits in your budget then you might want to consider looking for BEST BUDGET GAMING HEADSET. Literally, there are many headphones out there that performs really great even if they are cheaper.


Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50P


Wireless headsets are getting quite popular nowadays. As gaming is shifting from PC to consoles more players are using wireless remotes to play their games from a far distance so they need a wireless headset to fit in their comfort. So, if you too are playing the game from far apart you might want to see BEST WIRELESS GAMING HEADSET


SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless is an awesome Best Wireless Headset.


Sennheiser HD 598


Like Xbox console, some headsets are primarily made to work better in one console than other. If you own a ps4 and want to have a good headphone experience in the console you might want to check BEST PLAYSTATION 4 GAMING HEADSET to get the most out of your PS4 device.


Virtual Reality might be the next big thing in the gaming market. Yet lots to be improved but surely better games will come in future that suits the VR environment while it’s a good experience to have VR headsets for videos and other experiences.


Well, there is no such things as one or two best gaming headset but some of the most popular gaming headphones are from brands like turtle beach, Astro, HyperX etc.


Sony platinum headset, Sony Gold Headset, Turtle Beach Elite Pro etc can be counted as some of the good gaming headsets for Ps4.


Astro A50, Steel Series Arctis 7 etc. are some of the better headsets out there for Xbox one or Xbox 360 user.


Like PS4 Sony’s headset along with top brands headsets like steel series, artic lines etc can be considered some of the best headsets designed for Ps3.


According to our Review HyperX Cloud Alpha is one of the best gaming headset under 100$.


According to our review Corsair HS50 Stereo Gaming Headset

is probably a better if not the best gaming headset under 50$.


Some of the best gaming headset brands consist of turtle beach, hyperX, steel series etc.


Turtle Beach Elite version or Astro version may be considered some of the best gaming headset of 2018.

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