Sony Platinum Wireless Headset Review [Update September 2018]

There are a lot of wireless headsets designed for the PlayStation 4 with the difference in design, quality, and features. Sony already designed a headset named the Gold Wireless Headset for their console, this time around. Sony has totally left our mind blown with the new feature enriched Platinum iteration. The new Sony Platinum Wireless Headset has the virtual 7.1 surround sound. It consists a redesigned frame and custom audio settings. In this review, we will look into the real-life performance of this headset to see if the hundred and sixty dollar launch price is justified in our in-depth Sony Platinum Wireless Headset review and see Can it be your next best headset or not?

Credit should be given where it’s due. Sony has done a very good job by manufacturing a headset that works exclusively well with their consoles. This creates an ecosystem that the PlayStation will benefit from. Microsoft also exclusively made a headset for the last gen Xbox 360 but they miserably failed to follow that on the Xbox One

That being said, Sony’s Platinum headset is still a low-end device so it might not be a real deal breaker for hardcore gamers.

Sony Platinum Wireless Headset Review

Sony Platinum Wireless Headset Design

The build materials are very peculiar with an interesting mix of plastic, metal, and rubber. The top band of the headset two metal bars which act like frames for a lot of rigidity. They also hold the headset firmly in place. Below the top band, a rubber strap is presently capable of cradling the top of the noggin, and then all the rest is just plastic. The headphones fold up neatly, perfect if you need them to be portable. The headsets have a medium weight. They are not too heavy, but also not so light so they don’t feel like they’re going to break. The Platinum Headset has the weight of around 318 grams.

The earpads in the headset are made from a comfortable leather material. This material gets a bit warm after some use. However, it doesn’t have a terrible amount of clamping force to it. The headphones can be worn for around 2 to 3 hours with ease but after that, you might want to take it off and take a breath.

The downside again is the style. This is not really the most stylish-looking headphones ever made. The oversized earcups are oversized and it consists a double band bridge which gives it a sort of monstrous quality.

The upside, however, is the sleek polished aluminium band along the top of the frame has a sturdy feel to it. The thick rubber headband just under the frame is easy on the head.  The headset is flexible which makes it easy to wear and put off. The rest of the device is made up of plastic. The earcups tend to slide along the inside of the frame to adjust for fitment and elbows are situated just above the earcups that allow you to fold the headset inward. Though it’s folding isn’t symmetrical, it becomes compact enough to store conveniently. A small travel pouch is shipped with the headset that allows for portability. The design seems minimalist and it is aesthetically pleasing with good build quality.

platinum wireless design



Having large ear cups and a really flexible headband, fitting is very easy on the Sony Platinum Headset. The ear cups can be moved up and down for changing the fittings on your ears more exactly, but no matter what you do, it will be pretty tight. The snug fit isn’t that uncomfortable but it can be problematic in the case of the PlayStation VR.  Sony says that T]the Platinum is perfectly compatible with the PSVR. While this is true, using the headset with the PSVR is a hectic job requiring a lot of patience.

The headset could definitely be worn for hours at a time without any recognizable discomfort, which is a big deal as some of the Platinum’s competitors don’t have that much comfort. The ear cups don’t have a lot of plus points and the tightness was very much apparent after a while.

Sony Platinum Wireless Headset Audio Quality

Sony Platinum Wireless Headset surprisingly has balance. The low-end sound is strong, but it’s never overbearing, and it really shines with the middle and the high sound. The headset is meant for Listening to movies and music but it’s certainly not far off in any of those areas. It’s actually a really great pair of headphones if you want something to wear when you’re watching TV or just listening some music.

Price to performance ratio in this thing is very good. We don’t think there’s another headset capable of performing better value for your money. In general, this might be one of the best-sounding gaming headsets on the market today. Don’t get us wrong, there obviously are headsets out there offering more immersive surround sound. Immersion is an area that the Platinum could’ve improved upon. Footsteps and gunfire sounds are directional in nature but the sounds didn’t have the accuracy on Sony’s PlayStation Platinum as we’ve heard on other headsets.

This changes a little bit when the game supports the actual 3D surround sound instead of the simulated 7.1 surround sound. The PS4 Exclusive game “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End” is the only currently available game that offers this feature.  Playing  Uncharted 4 with the Platinum headphones on gave the movie theatre vibe with very immersive sound. It obviously is never as immersive as using a traditional 7.1 hardware speaker setup with top technologies such as Dolby Atmos, but the Platinum Headset does help to increase the immersion factor while playing Uncharted 4.

A switch on the right ear cup can be pressed for going back to the two-channel sound if the surround sound isn’t something that you are particularly fond of.

Sony Platinum Wireless Headset Microphone

As far as the microphone quality is concerned, most of the people that have tested the device have reported to it being slightly above average. It could be because of the noise-cancellation software Sony has packed into the Platinum. It’s however not able to completely cancel out background noise, it can omit certain small sounds but it does help to reduce the noises like clicks and hisses that some other headsets tend to capture.

A row of skinny buttons is present along the outside rim of the left cup if you need to mute the headset at any time or raise or lower the volume, whatever your preference might be.

The microphone is integrated on the device. It is hidden under the left earcup and it kind of captures clear audio, but it doesn’t cancel outside noise as well as we expected. This came off as a bit of a shock because the dual microphone design is intended to do just that. The design is really ergonomic and it removes the ugly nature of inflexible boom external mics that hinder the design.


Sony has now included software controls too.  There is now a Headset Companion App which is available for download on the PlayStation Network (PSN). The app allows users to mess with equalization settings for customization and also helps to enable game-specific presets. The built-in presets could seem lacking to some with a limited amount of options for content consumption. But customization is welcomed anyway. The app allows you to create two custom presets and this can be programmed into the headset’s power switch if you want to change presets without relying on the companion app.

Battery life and connectivity

 Sony hasn’t really advertised a real number for the headset’s battery life. It says that it has a good battery life but we couldn’t let that slip. Our estimation after using the device for some time is that the device can really last around the 12- to 14-hours. For hardcore gamers, this isn’t an issue, as an 8-hour gaming session is supported by the headset.

The battery life also depends upon the audio levels here. The battery might be different if you’re using different levels of audio. Consider you like to listen to extremely loud audio and are constantly chatting with friends then the battery might not last much longer. But, on the other hand, for the average user, it becomes really fair to expect around a dozen hours before it’s time to plug it back in.

Wireless connectivity is probably the highlight, one of the headset’s major selling points but, the headset is also equally capable of wired audio. If you want to use the headset with a mobile device or a brand-new PlayStation VR, You can do it with a  standard 3.5mm-to-3.5mm audio cable which comes shipped with the box.

Benefits and Letdowns


  • Incredible audio performance
  • Ultra-plushy earpads
  • Great value
  • Excellent sound for the price point
  • Comfortable for long gaming sessions
  • 3D audio is a game-changer
  • The solid virtual surround effect


  • Obtrusive design
  • Surround sound lacks immersion
  • Plastic build, so some parts feel fragile
  • Sub-optimal microphone setup
  • WIreless connection is exclusive to PlayStation 4
  • Has an Underwhelming sub-bass

Sony Platinum Wireless Headset Specs

  • Headphones Form Factor: Supraaural
  • Connectivity Technology: Wireless
  • Sound Output Mode: stereo
  • Diaphragm: 2 inches
  • Controls: Audio Controls, mute, volume up and down
  • Type: USB, audio line-in
  • Speaker Driver: 50mm
  • Dimensions: 168x192x40mm
  • Weight: Approx 318.2g
  • Communication: 2.4GHz RF
  • Max range: Approx 13 meters
  • Battery: 760 maH built-in lithium ion

Box Content

sony platinum wireless

Inside the box, you’re likely to find a micro-USB cable, a wireless dongle for charging the device and a soft cloth carrying pouch. The basic audio cable allows you to plug the device into any 3.5mm jack and draw out audio, and act as a headset for most mobile phones. You’ll also get the device itself, obviously!

Buy or Pass?

If you are a gamer on PS4 and you don’t have a mindset to make the switch to other consoles then Sony Platinum Wireless Headset is a really good fit for you. If not, then, there are headsets such as SteelSeries Arctic 7, Logitech G533 and Razer ManO’War which are all some really good choice.

Final Verdict

There are many nice things to say about Sony’s new pair of Platinum Wireless Headphones. They have an impressive audio performance with really good balance. The microphone quality is “above average” as tested by the users. The included 3D Audio support creates an effect of 100 virtual speakers on contents having the said feature, though the headset really doesn’t have the immersion in this area as compared to some competitions like Astro a50 and Turtle Beach.

The Lack of some bass frequencies and sub-bass is a bummer. The positional audio and overall clarity make the exceptional sound. The sound effects and music in games feel really great, especially with virtual surround.  The Music reproduction has depth and detail, though bass-heavy tracks do not have a certain punch.  3D audio might not have wide support, but it’s a great feature and could possibly be used in the games of the future.

There are also a  lot of things that could be done as far as the design is concerned. At its current state, the headset looks a lot like a massive object sitting on top of your head. Add to that the heavy metal alloys on the top and the headset still feels fragile.

Sony Platinum Wireless Headset delivers a consistently audio, in some cases, it even provides great audio for both games and music. It’s an aesthetically pleasing peripheral which is made by a reliable brand in Sony and it is fairly comfortable and highly portable. Yet, we can’t deny the compromises done on most important features. The wireless doesn’t work that well, the presets are only half completed, and it doesn’t have any special advantages for the  PSVR.

In conclusion,  for looks, comfort, and crucially the quality of sound, this is a very strong headset from Sony. The Sony Platinum Wireless Headset biggest fault right now is the main selling point of the device is 3D audio, but there is that lack of support for it, which is like a huge bummer. That is like a change in the future as audio systems in games have been really increased over the years. It might not really be difficult to add support to the PS4 titles. Even third-party publishers can take the benefit of the new gen hardware and develop extraordinary audio for their games. and whether third-party publishers have much incentive to make use of the new hardware.  The main benefit of this headset is the exclusivity and it is absolutely perfect as it is for the PS4.

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