Turtle Beach Elite Pro Gaming Headset Review | Including Pros, Cons and Price

The companies that make gaming gadgets have begun to use eSports as an outlet to promote their products. Following this trend, Turtle Beach has also joined the ship. Priced at around that two hundred dollar range, the Elite Pro is Turtle Beach’s first headset marketed towards professional gamers. The headset comes with a cushy, highly tweakable form factor designed for long gaming sessions and even for long eSports tournaments. The Turtle Beach Elite Pro headset gives that crisp, accurate audio for the games. In addition to this, it also comes equipped with a special feature for accommodating gamers with glasses. So let’s look at the Turtle Beach Elite Pro Review in depth and how it stands it to its other turtle beach partners like Turtle Beach Recon 50XTurtle Beach Recon 150Turtle Beach Recon 50p etc.

The brand name could also play a vital role in a purchase. Turtle Beach is the company which for years have been a really huge player in the gaming headset department for consoles but it might not be that much of a player in the PC department.  The increased fame of eSports, on the other hand, has given Turtle Beach a very good platform to sell it’s product to PC gamers. Turtle Beach has left no stones unturned when it comes to making the device, everything is done with precision. It all starts with the packaging which has a high-quality box with the headset elegantly present inside which is a high-quality sleeved box with the headset elegantly presented inside.

Having said that, the Elite Pro is, however, a very expensive headset of its kind. Add to that, the fact that for getting the most out of this device, you are required to buy a robust but equally pricey audio controller add-on for around the same price as the headset. The Elite Pro’s comfort and sound certainly live up to the expectation. But the pricing is very huge, it’s almost too expensive for a normal person. Only professional gamers and tournaments are the ones that can take the advantage of the price. Or, you need to be someone with extra cash on the side to even think of making this purchase.

In terms of compatibility, the elite pro headset is meant for both pc and consoles. The headset combines large 50mm drivers coupled with a sturdy yet adjustable frame. The compatibility options are pretty large. It has a very nice balance between features, design and sound quality, with impressive results.

Turtle Beach Elite Pro Review


  • Great audio quality
  • Comfortable design


  • Average microphone
  • Expensive than wireless rivals
  • Ear cups don’t match rest of materials

Turtle Beach Elite Pro Design

Turtle Beach Elite Pro specs

Turtle Beach Elite Pro specs

The Elite Pro doesn’t have the most subtle or sleek design in the market right now. But it immediately gives the impression that it’s built for core gaming fans. The eSports targeted headset consists of a lot of parts into its classy black-and-orange design. The color scheme may seem a bit unorthodox but it’s not really a deal breaker. The headset’s left ear cup has a bendable, removable microphone. It also consists of a dongle that lets you attach various types of mic cables and accessories on the headset. Both cups can swivel. This makes easy to lay the Elite flat when you’re taking a break from it.
The impressions are everything and as soon as the unboxing of the device is complete, you could tell the Elite Pro Tournament Headset is a premium product just by looking at it. The frame is constructed of black metal and plastic. The earcups have soft leather around them. In addition, to which, the orange accents have that punchy aesthetic. It shows a surreal detail and a sort of vividness. The desire can be seen here, the manufacturers really wanted to make the headphones attractive without overwhelming the consumers.  Minus the microphone, the Elite Pro has a close resemblance to a stylish music studio headphones rather than a gaming headset.


Their premium design isn’t just meant for only aesthetic either. The turtle beach really goes a mile when it comes to comfort too. The company actually has a name to it, it’s called the ‘ComforTec Fit System’, a bit touche to be honest but it does involve a mildly unorthodox design for the frame, headband, and ear cups. The headset has a pair of sliders across the top of the headband. The headband is attached to metal supports that let you adjust lateral tension. This lets you tighten or loosen the headset’s grip on your ears, which is a very new feature. With the addition of adjustments of the clamping force, the presence of a flexible band underneath the headband allows you to keep the headset comfortably on your head

Turtle Beach’s headsets have always known not to be the most comfortable headset around, but the Elite Pro feels like a soft cushion. The headsets have a thick, gel-infused Aerofit ear cushion with a really relaxing cool touch to them when you first put them on. It feels like putting ice on an injury minus the discomfort of an injury of course. The Elite Pro comes equipped with a suspension headband that automatically adjusts to your head. This gives you plenty of ways to adjust the size and wear it accordingly. There is a good news for gamers with specs, Turtle Beach has kept the specs in mind when designing the Elite Pro. Just pop off either ear cushion and you can make a small indent where your specs can rest.  This is a sweet little touch and works for all kinds of specs. The reaction to it is also positive, As we know that a lot of gamers wear spectacles, it’s really a good thing that they’ve included this feature. A lot of smiles can be put on a lot of faces with small but crucial features like this. Other Companies should really learn a lesson from this.

Turtle Beach Elite Pro Audio Quality

Turtle Beach Elite Pro review

Turtle Beach Elite Pro review

The audio quality in gaming headsets is really disappointing most of the time. It is often excruciatingly painful to listen to uneven bass sounds. Fortunately, the audio quality is surprisingly very listenable so to speak in the Elite Pro.

The headset is wired so obviously, it comes equipped with a 3.5 mm jack, which acts as both the downstream and upstream facilitating as the mic input to a PC and the audio output to the headphone itself. This makes the Elite Pro compatible with mobile devices and PS4/Xbox controllers. The headset requires the PC users to use an adapter to convert to a two-back system, but this adapter is sold separately. Some older Xbox One controllers might also need an adapter to work, which again isn’t provided, but is available from Turtle Beach at extra cost. When listening to hip-hop or rock, the Bass and Treble boost preset with Surround Sound turned off made music sound much punchier with hard drums and crystal clear vocals while the melody of jazz and blues benefited from the more balanced sound preset.

The Elite Pro has a closed-back design. This design scheme makes sound very effective. The sound will, of course, be able to leak out at higher volumes. Thanks to the closed setup, however, music and movies can still be heard clearly at nice levels since the headphone totally blocks the surrounding noise for a more immersive experience. In addition to this, if the elite pro is used without the Tactical Audio Controller, the headset gives a really balanced Equalization versatile enough to be used with a huge library of content. It supplies the required amount of bass and treble without overwhelming the vocals or the in-game chat.

A. Gaming Performance

As a headset design aims for competitive play, the Elite Pro’s sound quality squarely hits the mark. Sporting the company’s 50 mm Nano Clear drivers, the headset does an excellent job of maintaining an ecosystem across a whole bunch of different games on consoles as well as PCs. With Game mode and 7.1 surround sound enabled, the Signature Sound and Shooter preset bring up both the bass and treble which is especially amazing if a given game is equipped with such type of audio.

The Elite Pro totally kills the First Person Shooter genre. Games such as Halo 5, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, Wolfenstein etc are amazing to play. The sound is just phenomenal.

B. Tactical Audio Controller

Elite Pro has also pulled a huge market share with it’s Tactical Audio Controller. This audio controller is designed for the headset but is not so surprisingly sold separate and costs the same as the headset itself. Capitalism at it’s best.  The TAC gives you a vast amount of extra options in the midst of battle, but it’s hard to imagine anyone other than eSports tournament organizers and professional gamers buying one.

The amount of controls you get however is really a lot. In addition to this, the TAC’s interface is well designed, with dedicated sliders for adjusting the game and voice audio, cutting out background noise, boosting your mic and adjusting the mic monitor. There’s also a handy mute button, as well as a massive volume knob for volume control.

Turtle Beach Elite Pro Microphone

Communication is key to professional gaming. eSports are usually team-based and the battles are very much wide. The Elite Pro’s microphone is more than capable of doing eSports. Players sound loud and clear while playing some games, the voice recordings are clean with really not much background noise and only a bit of distortion. Voice clipping can be caused sometimes though, it happens when you’re using the TAC with your microphone.

However, If you opt for best chat experience possible, get ready to collect an extra forty dollars for the Elite Pro Tournament Noise-Cancelling Microphone. But it’s not really a bargain, as the default mic is pretty nice itself, the upgrade seems really pointless if we have to be honest.

Elite pro has created its own ecosystem with the product, there are extras like the sixty dollar Tactical Audio Adapter for Xbox One and the forty dollar AMP for PS4. Each of the product comes with its own benefits of course but it doesn’t have a point. There is not a real value to the money if you’re buying extras for the price of some other brand’s mid-range headset. On part of turtle beach, it’s a really smart way to get more money from the customers.

Turtle Beach Elite Pro Specs

  • Headphones Form Factor: Circumaural
  • Headphones Cup Type: Closed
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Sound Output Mode: Stereo
  • Frequency Response: 12 Hz
  • Diaphragm: 2 inches
  • Microphone Operation Mode: Mono
  • Audio Input Details: Omni-directional
  • Connector Type: Mini-phone 3.5 mm
  • Weight: 13.76 oz

Box Content

The full-featured version with the audio controller has the following things on the  box:

  • The Headset itself
  • An Elite Pro Tactical Audio Controller
  • Manuals/User Guides
  • An adapter for Xbox One
  • An AMP for PlayStation 4

Buy or Pass?

Turtle Beach Elite Pro

Gaming headsets have always been about the style over the substance that actually matters, things like for style: good design and built quality, good sound quality and comfort for those long gaming sessions. This is really not the case with the Elite Pro. While it’s definitely in the premium category at around two hundred dollars, the price is justified, it really gives you a balanced dose of features, comfort and audio quality. A slight letdown is a microphone and its weird choice of plastic ear cups, however, the Elite Pro sounds great and is very comfortable to wear for long gaming sessions and is even a real headset that can be used in sports tournaments. So, if you’re a hardcore gamer who wants to enter professional gaming and is looking for an entry-level professional headset, the elite pro is for you.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, The Turtle Beach Elite Pro is a great headset for Gamers about to turn pro and in need of a headset that can satisfy their requirements. However, for others, there are some options to choose from, other cheaper mid range headsets can pretty much be perfect for casual gamers.

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