Turtle Beach Recon 150 Review | Including Pros, Cons and Details

Turtle beach is one of the biggest headset companies in the business obviously has a diverse range of products for everyone. The amount of high-end product that the company has is astonishing. But today we go in the low-end spectrum by reviewing one of their most affordable products marketed as the Recon 150 in this Turtle Beach Recon 150 Review. A lot of people would definitely vouch for the Turtle Beach Elite Pro, but let’s be honest, the Turtle Beach Recon 50P isn’t an affordable device.  There are people with limited budgets too who’re opting for the headsets around the sixty and seventy dollar price range. They want a  great sounding headset with the sleek design looks nice, with respectable build quality. The Recon 150 certainly fits the picture. It obviously comes with the multi-format support which adds some value to it. Especially for people having multiple devices to game on.

As my quest for a comfy pair of headphones continues, today I’m looking at one of Turtle Beach’s entry-level headsets, the Recon 150. Available for around fifty dollars, the Recon 150 is a headset with simplicity but effectiveness. The headset doesn’t have any fancy technology with it, it’s very much a plug and play device which doesn’t have to cater to audio enthusiasts with surround sound features or active noise-cancelling technology. The device doesn’t require any additional setup, driver downloads and other annoying “features”  that comes with buying premium headsets for a premium price. With it’s regular old 3.5 mm jack, the connection implication is very nice, it’s just as good a fit for PC gaming as it is for consoles, which gives it a  bit of flexibility in compatibility department.

People do want to have more features in their headsets which is a good thing but not everyone has big bucks to spend. So, if you’re looking to get decent audio at a low price you can get this headset. Also if you’re simply trying to get something simple for your children, the Recon 150 is a great place to start.

Turtle Beach Recon 150 Review


  • Microphone Is Good
  • Comfortable
  • Design


  • No noise-cancellation
  • Bass is Lacking a Bit

Turtle Beach Recon 150 Design and Build Quality

turtle beach recon 150

As it a very budget oriented gaming headset, it should, in theory, look a bit cheap and nasty, but that isn’t an accusation you can throw at the Recon 150. It is not a headset with a style statement of a top tier product but it isn’t also a cheap iteration in the headset market.

It consists of a nice, comfortable leather-clad strap and big earcups with blue details. It resembles the design format of a  PlayStation 4, but do not worry, it is perfectly compatible with the PC.  Turtle Beach also has an adapter for separate audio-out and microphone-in channels. The microphone isn’t hidden but it is a  detachable microphone located on a long, bendy arm that can be placed in a comfortable position.

The weight of the headset also isn’t that much, it falls on the lighter side of the spectrum, and while the ear-cushions aren’t made of memory foam, they still perform their job pretty well. So, As far as the comfort goes, the Recon 150 doesn’t have many flaws there. The headset is light enough so it won’t weigh heavy on the ears of even the most dedicated gamers spending hours long sessions on their favourite games.

Turtle Beach Recon 150 Setup

The installation of the headset is pretty straightforward.  Just plug the headset into your controller (even works with Xbox One newer controller’s thanks to 3.5mm jacks) for the console. It also comes with a nice handy cable for PC connection,  just connect it to your computer and follow the quick guide to plug and play. It’s that simple.


The comfort could’ve been a deal breaker and we really thought that the headset was going to fail here but surprisingly, it passed with flying colours padding present round the faux leather headband isn’t as comfy as some other headset but it isn’t half bad. It can be a little flex There’s a little bit of flex when you give it a squeeze, but otherwise it’s a pretty solid device. It feels a lot less irritating as a whole. Despite being lightweight, there is that noticeable weight on the top of the skull after a while, but at least this pair doesn’t give you a  lingering headache in the process which is an admirable design feature given its large, chunky frame.[/toggle]

Turtle Beach Recon 150 Performance and sound quality

The sound quality is on a decent side, it uses a 50 mm drivers, which is a standard in the gaming headset market.  Despite the low price, it’s good to see Turtle Beach not skimping on that. The customization is limited though and the biggest bummer is that there’s no way to adjust the Equalizer. So, if you’re looking for big, dynamic, in-your-face sound, you’ll have to spend more on the headset.

The price to performance ratio on this device is pretty good, the Recon 150’s sound is up there with the best that you can find. The sound is neutral, with the top-end and mid-range sounds being particularly impressive. What you don’t get is a large amount of bass extension or any subsonic, so the constant, atmospheric bottom-end rumble that a $150 to $200 headset will provide is not present. Most gamers will be okay with it.  You might sometimes detect a bit of dry feel in the top-end, too, but it isn’t annoying so it’s perfectly normal to heat that.

A. Game Audio

The stereo sound has such a great clarity on games, it was pretty impressive and unexpected, to say the least. The sound separation is very good, you can feel the unique sounds of different instruments while listening to any content. In addition to this, there is no ridiculous bass boost which helps you to focus on the game while you’re playing. You also get the in-line controls on the cable to alter the Master Volume and Mic Mute, the best thing about this is that the controls are accessible with ease so you don’t have to lose a life while trying to set the volume.

B. Other Audio

This headset isn’t a sole gaming headset, it can also use the headset on a phone, to listen to music and podcasts. It’s very good in that department with nice clarity and easy listening. The best thing about this headset is its simplicity. It just does what it’s meant to do and it does it better than even some premium headsets with unnecessary features. The only criticism being the microphone which doesn’t have the active noise cancellation which is a big bummer, yet, the microphone isn’t half bad, more on which later.

Turtle Beach Recon 150 Microphone

turtle beach recon 150 microphone

As far as the Microphone is concerned, Turtle Beach hasn’t made a compromise on it too. The mic doesn’t have that much of a high-end feature such as noise-cancellation but it is capable to provide a crystal-clear voice-chat. It doesn’t matter if the surroundings are noisy, the mic can be freely positioned to make the chat really impressive. With a normal surrounding, the headset kind of performs admirably.

The microphone seems a lot more sense too. Small sneezes and clicks are also captured by it. The downside to having such sensitivity is that you must consume your content at a low volume for the microphone to work properly and not pick up any sounds while chatting. Alternatively, sending game audio and chat audio through the headset works pretty well too, but it kind of depends upon an individual’s preference. But the microphone positioning can be a very daunting task, it should be placed in a slightly awkward position for it to capture a good amount of sound. It can feel a bit uncomfortable at first but once you’re used to it, it’s not a big deal.

If we are to objectify, we’re going to say that the loudness of the headset wasn’t satisfactory on the PS4 while we did get the chance to boost the audio up on the PC. If you prefer to have a really loud headset with yourself then you might want to look elsewhere. Controls are also very minimal with the only controls that you’re getting being the volume and a microphone mute. They are located on the cable leading to the 3.5 mm jack. The buttons are theoretically what you need, nothing too extravagant, just something that does its work.

Turtle Beach Recon 150 Features

  • Really Good Design and Comfortable – The Recon 150 has a thick, rigid and strong frame, same as the XO Four Stealth counterpart. The build quality is solid with a plush leather-wrapped headband and breathable fabric-wrapped ear-cushions. These are very good for long gaming sessions which require comfort. Plus, the ear-cups fold flat when not in use.
  • Huge Compatibility –  The headset is multi-platform, it works pretty well with all the consoles like PlayStation4 and Xbox One. The headset can be plugged into the consoles’ controllers via the 3.5mm jack, as well as with PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices with a 3.5mm connection. However, Older iterations of the Xbox One controllers require the Headset Audio Adapter.
  • High-Quality 50mm Speakers – Standard headset drivers. You can hear every crisp high and thundering low with these large 50mm over-ear speakers.
  • Crystal Clear Voice Chat – Adjustable Microphone.  Has a very high-sensitivity for an in-game and online chat, and then remove it when watching movies or listening to music.
  • Convenient  In-Line Controls – The RECON 150’s convenient in-line controls place Master Volume and Mic Mute right at your fingertips. The controls are minimal and not overdone.

Turtle Beach Recon 150 Specs

  • Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Sound Output Mode: Stereo
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz
  • Diaphragm: 2 inches
  • Mic Type: Boom
  • Microphone Operation Mode: Omni-directional
  • Audio Controls: mute, volume
  • Connector Type: Headset (mini-phone 3.5 mm)


  • Light construction
  • Good design
  • Affordable Price
  • Decent microphone quality
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Minimal Controls
  • Compatible with both PC and Consoles


  • Lacks a punchy bass
  • No surround sound features
  • No noise-cancellation in the microphone
  • Can be a bit quiet, not much loudness

Box Content

Inside the box you get:

  • The headset itself with a 3.5 mm jack
  • A quick user guide/ manual
  • An alternate cable for PC connection

Buy or Pass?

Turtle Beach Recon 150 is simply a high-quality basic headset. Setting up the headset requires a mere plug and play for the console’ controllers and audio settings can be tweaked via the console menu. It is aimed affordability as it is a medium end device. The lower price point on the Recon is possible as a lot of extra unnecessary features are stripped away, The quality of the unit is very good as it is manufactured my Turtle Beach which is famous for its headsets. Turtle beach has really upped the antic with this one with a value for money budgeting and the inclusion of only select important features to cut back on the price. It’s a genius move on part of turtle beach. The headset isn’t for someone looking for an ocean of features and the best sound quality possible, for people falling into that category, they should go see the higher end options. But if you’re just someone who wants a good headset that’s an improvement over the packed in console headset then, this is an excellent choice. The headset has the added bonus of being compatible with a lot of different hardware. And the headset is available in different colours if you are picky about it.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the Turtle Beach Recon 150 has a very good price, it is well made and minimal headset which will give what you paid for, that being the audio. And it doesn’t make a song or a dance about it, meaning it’s not too complicated. It sounds good enough to make sure you enjoy your content. The headset is also very easy to set up. It has a very comfortable feel to it. If you’re not sure about the headset that you should purchase you might want to throw a curve ball and purchase this one with a closed eye. The areas which really matter are build quality, audio drivers, and the microphone. These 3 things aren’t compromised here so, the Turtle Beach Recon 150 is pretty outstanding headset at its price point.

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