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There was a time when Turtle Beach was the most elite standard for gaming headsets. They used to really destroy competitors with their fresh designs, good comfort, build quality and sound quality. But as with any other market, It didn’t take long for competitors to step their game up. The result is obvious, Turtle Beach is now just “ONE” of the very good headset manufacturers in a very large spectrum of headset manufacturers.

The Turtle Beach Stealth 600 is a wireless headset for the PS4 or Xbox One that sounds good and doesn’t cost a fortune. A Turtle Beach wireless headset for just around a hundred dollars might sound like a very good deal. However, it does have an awkward mic, a lack of versatility and a truly uncomfortable fit that makes the Stealth 600 a relatively hard product to sell.

The amount of compromises that Turtle Beach made with the Stealth 600 is astonishing. However, these compromises are really very welcomed as they are the reasons why the headset has such an affordable price. It’s very natural to be on the lookout for a product which gets the job done without making a hole in your pocket and the Stealth 600 does just that.

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Review


  • Cheap Considered to other Turtle Series
  • Ear Cups
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Excellent Sound
  • Decent Mic


  • Average Design
  • Limited Compatibility
  • Fit


turtle beach stealth 600

The Stealth 600 looks a bit old-fashioned. It mimics the era of gaming where we had those sharp angles bisecting the over-ear cups. The color scheme is also very nostalgic as the headset comes equipped with either bright-green or dark-blue highlights. This depends on whether you get the PS4 or Xbox version.

One particular design choice that stands out is the boom microphone. The Microphone folds all the way back, parallel to the ear cup. It looks like a halfway solution but it is very much appreciated. This design is not as aesthetic as a mic that folds into an ear cup but it is also not as bending as a microphone with a  simple fold up mechanism.

The ear cups have a little bit of pivot to them. This helps the ear cups to fit comfortably, and they fold up making it very much portable. The foam padding on the headband is lavish and feels super comfy, the extendable notches however just feel too cheap. Getting a good fit also requires some time.

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Review Based On Design

Average Design and need a modern touch. The left ear cup can seem pretty crowded to some people since it consists both the volume dial and the chat-volume dial, which are placed literally right next to each other. This arrangement is also very confusing at first but once you get used to it, it’s pretty easy to remember that the volume is on top and the chat volume is on the bottom. It can get frustrating as it’s really easy to press the wrong button when you’re in the middle of a game.

Besides this, all other buttons have good placement. The left ear cup consists the charging port;  the right ear cup is positively empty by comparison, it only has a power button, a pairing button, and an equalization button. The equalizer lets you switch among four modes. The left ear cup is the center of the whole device, this makes sense from a cost-saving perspective but when it comes to design and aesthetic, it’s not a good choice.


Turtle Beach has marketed a new technology called “ProSpecs” which the Stealth 600 uses. This technology makes it’s ear cups easier on people with glasses. A bespectacled individual might find this addition unusually easy on the ears. The ear cups cover the ears perfectly and doesn’t press too hard on the ears

The comfortable ear cups is only half of the overall comfort. The Stealth 600 consists a rather strange, upright construction. This design not like most gaming headsets, which tend to lean forward a bit.  As a result,  the headset sits behind the crown, rather than just behind the forehead. This position is not a natural position. Initially, the headset might feel like it’s about to fall off at any moment even when it’s perfectly sitting where it’s supposed to. This irregularity in the headset is probably one of the huge design flaws present in the headset.

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Review Based On Comfort

ProSpecs Design to help people with glasses. The general reaction to the Stealth 600’s comfort factor was also not very positive. We gave the headset to some people to gather perspective and almost everyone had the same problem; Strange fit, hard to adjust and most of them found the headset to be cheap. The Comfort of the ear cups was noticed by everyone but overall they despised the headset when it comes to the comfort factor. So Comfort in this headset is a huge compromise.


The Stealth 600 gives you a great audio for a headset priced below the hundred dollar mark. Only one exceptional headset than this being the slightly more expensive HyperX Cloud Revolver. The stereo and virtual surround options both are equally nice, but obviously, the surround sound is way over the stereo for games where directional audio plays the vital role. The lower sounds definitely have a pop feel to it and the mid and the high sound levels are also equally enjoyable.

A. Gaming Performance

The Stealth 600 is very impressive in this department if you are able to keep it on your head long enough.
The headset gives both stereos and surrounds sound on the Xbox One or PS4, both of the settings are equally favourable. The audio in both the modes is balanced and clear.

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Review Based On Gaming Performance

Impressive Gaming Performance. We tested the Stealth 600 with PUBG, Overwatch, Fortnite, COD and some other games. It’s virtual sound stood out here. The superhuman hearing feature that the headset consists might be used while gaming as it really enhances the immersion. In games like Middle Earth: Shadow of war and Dark Souls, the headset sounds lacklustre, it isn’t made for this genre I guess.  From Sword Clangs to beasts to the orchestral soundtrack to even dialogues sound really lacklustre, to say the least.

B. Music Performance

The music handling of the Stealth 600 to my surprise was pretty amazing. Testing the device on a wide range of musical genre made sense and it resulted in the headset shattering every single genre. From the guitar riffs of metal to the Jazz vocals to the modern trap music, everything sounded pretty original and very good. It was really one of the best music experiences that you can get from a hundred dollar headset.

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Review Based On Music Performance

Amazing Music Performance with a wide range of musical genre.

C. Battery Life

The stealth 600 doesn’t have any lighting LED except a green power indicator under the right cup. This really boosts the battery life of the device. It’s really long, 15 hours to be exact. We tested it for a week and you really don’t have o charge the headset frequently, one charge a day is pretty much enough. It’s really surprising to see this good battery life at such a price.


The microphone of the stealth 600 is functional, but it’s not a big deal. It’s a rigid boom mic that can fold down adjacent to the jaw. This makes the headset seem bulky when folded up, the design choice is questionable
The mic placement is awkward so the voice pickup is not great. The background-noises, however, is minimal, the voices do sound clear but the sound itself doesn’t have a high quality. It works for voice chat but that’s it, it doesn’t have another usage. To conclude, the mic is barely usable at best. The design is very disappointing.

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Review Based On Microphone

Average Microphone with rigid boomm mic.


turtle beach stealth 600

The one particular aspect of the headset that differentiates it from most other headsets is its affordable price range. and in that price range, you’re getting a functional wireless headset that really doesn’t disappoint. The Stealth 600 is directly compatible with an Xbox One and a PS4. The wireless receiver has a range of more than 20 feet which makes the headset accessible even in a large living room. The battery life is huge with 15 hours of battery backup per charge. The wireless signal is also very strong and it is easy to connect with the consoles.

The Stealth 600 also offers you the option of stereo and virtual sounds. It also boasts about a “Superhuman hearing” button that does the work of supposedly boosting softer sounds like footsteps and crackling in games. This feature might sound gimmicky to most but hardcore gamers are likely to welcome this addition. Turning it on, we noticed a slight increment is lower sounds but it really didn’t make much of an impact. It rather distorts the sound. When this is switched off, the Stealth 600 does it’s work perfectly.

Connectivity, however, is an issue on the PC. Connecting the headset to a PC via a USB cord renders the headset unusable.  You need to separately purchase an Xbox One Wireless adapter if you want to use the headset with both the PC and an Xbox One. This can be a little painful if you’re a plug and play kind of person.

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Review Based On Features

Stereo and Virtual sounds Features with different sound modes. In addition to this, the Turtle Beach also comes with a software. The Turtle Beach Audio Hub software is there but it doesn’t do much except enabling you to change the volume of tones. The tones are mapped to the headset’s four equalization modes. These modes are balanced sound, treble boost, bass boost and chat boost. These modes are rather gimmicky and they don’t really do anything. It’s really not worth to switch from the balanced sound mode.


Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Review Based on Specifications

  • Headphones Form Factor: Circumaural
  • Size9 x 3.5 x 9.5 inches
  • Weight22 oz
  • ConnectionWireless USB
  • Headphones Cup Type: Closed
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 105 dB
  • Magnet Material: Neodymium
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm
  • Diaphragm: 2 inches
  • Microphone Technology: Electret condenser
  • Microphone Operation Mode: uni-directional
  • Response Bandwidth: 100 Hz
  • Audio Input Detail: Uni-directional – 100 – 10000 Hz
  • Output Impedance: 2.2 kOhm
  • Radio Frequency Range: 2.4GHz
  • Connector Type; 4 pin USB Type A
  • Included Accessories: USB dongle

Benefits and Letdowns


  • Excellent gaming and music sound
  • Plush ear cups
  • Easy wireless connectivity
  • Balanced audio across lows, mids, and highs
  • Decent directional audio
  • Affordable wireless


  • Awkward fit
  • Lacklustre mic design
  • Limited PC compatibility
  • Fabric cups
  • Awkward headband positioning
  • Fixed mic positioning

Box Content

Inside the Box you get:

  • The Headset itself
  • A Charging cable
  • A user manual / Guide

Buy or Pass?

turtle beach stealth 600

The Turtle Beach Stealth 600 delivers solid sound for both gaming and music. This is the most important thing a gaming headset should perform. Still, it doesn’t fit very well, the design feels a bit too crowded. The PC compatibility is a bummer, it makes updates and maintenance a chore. There are many other headsets in a wired version which can totally perform better than this and has a better design.  But if you do want to purchase a wireless headset, you have another option. The excellent Logitech G533 is a tad bit pricier but it’s actually really good and gives you a good value for money. The Logitech G533 is often available for much less than it’s hundred and fifty dollar retail price.

But for around hundred dollars, it’s not likely that you’ll find another wireless headset that can compete with this product.

For $100, you’re not likely to get another name-brand wireless headset, let alone one that has such excellent sound. The convenience and sound quality alone may be worth the price; if not, you may have to sacrifice wireless functionality for something more comfortable and versatile.

Final Verdict

The Turtle Beach Stealth 600 may not be a cone crushing addition to the turtle beach line up but it gets the work done. It’s certainly not the most comfortable headset. The fabric cups begin to irritate fast, and the oddly positioned headband is placed awkwardly and its plastic frame gets very noisy when the music is played at higher volumes. With that being said, Turtle Beach does offer the best wireless headset experience at that hundred dollar price point.
In addition to this, the headset rocks a solid battery life of 15 hours a well rounded audio experience. The existence of some gimmicky features like the superhuman hearing is not a welcomed addition. Although, some hardcore gamers might like this feature the bottom line is the pricing, that is the main feature as most of the people would be sold on this.

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